I’m removing this website…

After a long one year not updating this website, I will finally be removing it after it has been going through my mind for a couple of months. But, there’s a good part to it.

So, I had been looking for a better ”Create your own website” thing than WordPress (the one I use now), because I think WordPress is too advanced for me. Then I found WIX.

Bildresultat för wix

I found WIX on a YouTube ad. It seemed pretty easy at first, but I became a little bit uncertain because I know YouTube ads, and ads in general isn’t always true. But I tested it, and it was suprisingly easier than expected. So I said to myself and my dad that I would like to make a website with WIX instead of WordPress. Then, my dad tried it out and he liked it too. It’s easier for me to develop with.

So if you see this website go offline, don’t panic! We’ll be back with the website as soon as it’s ready for release.

Please stay patient, I hope you understand.

Sincerely, Isak Jeppsson.

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